Retro cellular phone with LCD screen!
Tuesday, December 26, 2006 - 03:19 a.m.
I actually saw this in person, so it IS real, and it is just as big if anyone can remember the good old days. :) Everyone who've seen it was wondering if the owner was reverting back to a real one, but no, there's a bright screen, and it is definitely new and usable. Haha. I wonder if it'll ever get here (as in, retail), if only to just make a fashion statement or something. XD

Pre-Boxing Day
Monday, December 25, 2006 - 01:18 p.m.
I tried getting the mp3 player last night when FS opened it's online store for orders, but as expected, the site was crashing here and there, and eventually they closed certain features of their website so people who want to buy can actually check out. I was in step 3 of 5 of checking out, when I played a rock, paper, scissors game with my bro to make a final decision to buy or not buy, and I lost, XD, so I abandoned my hard-fought (for nearly 3 hours) check out screen. Hehe. And when I re-visit FS's page just now, it has become out of stuck overnight. :O Guess I'm not the only one who wants it? Hehe. Oh well, at least I no longer have to fork over an extra 100+$ for the CC for the month of December. :)

Oh oh, more shopping news, last friday, I wanted to swing by Ikea to see what xmas sales they have, since they keep advertising their up to 50% off winter sale and I didn't want to fight the last minute shopping crowd nor the boxing day crowd that will definitely be there if I went on the weekend or BD. So I took advantage of my late work hours and dropped by when the place was _definitely_ not crowded! :) And I managed to pick up a shelf for half price! :) That thing(box) was very very heavy thou, it isn't something anyone in my family can carry alone, but I'm still amazed I managed to load it into the cow and bring it home, all by myself! :E Needless to say, I was dead tired after doing this much heavy lifting, next time, I'm definitely getting someone to help me.

Oh, ah, almost forgot, and メーリークリスマス to all~~

Layout Progress: surprisingly still at 0% >_<

Boxing Day
Friday, December 22, 2006 - 12:50 a.m.
I've been browsing some boxing day flyers... and came across this. Its price on BD will be quite a drop from that retail price on that page. This will definitely be something I really really "want", but don't need. XD It looks small and seems to get lost in a pocket easily so that's good, doesn't take up much space. I was hoping to see if there're any cheap external dvd rewriters, but there doesn't seem to be many, and my faint faint tiny tiny wish of finding a cheap desktop compy seem to get unanswered either. XD Oh well.

There is something I want from Loblaws too thou, I doubt you can guess what it is, haha, but hopefully there's still be some left by the time I get there. And something from Home Depot too, but this something here will cost quite a bit. :/ I still have my eyes set on that ikea one (points to wish list), but for some reasons family seems to be against it. My argument is I need the space it offers, and frankly, I don't even think it has enough, but family actually wants one _smaller_ than what I have currently! >_< I don't think I'll ever get my space clean.......

cooking rice
Friday, December 8, 2006 - 04:06 a.m.
I just read this and am a little surprised that people there mentioned the rice cookers need 40+ minutes to cook a batch of rice. o__O;;; Granted, I don't know the exact time our rice cooker needs to cook our rice, since I never actually counted... But I don't think I ever had to wait that long for the rice to cook. o__O;;

Which leads me to think, what are these people doing differently? 40+ minutes is a LOOOONG time to cook just rice. Even cooking on a stove in the old-fashioned way, which, I think, is already longer than using a rice cooker, takes shorter than that. Maybe it's the rice cooker... I've never ventured out to the non-stick rice cooker world. So strange... it shouldn't have too much of a difference though, coz all the rice need is water and heat. o_o Or, maybe they're cooking a lot of rice? Coz smaller quantity would need a shorter time and naturally, larger batch will take longer.

Oh well, I may never know why. ^^;;; But I'm sticking to the old-fashioned rice cooker, it works fine for me... even thou it doesn't cook congee. :P

Tuesday, December 5, 2006 - 03:05 p.m.
Beh beh beh... Another botched interview... :( :( Very discouraging. But.. at least now I know, if I want to go into web dev, those are some of things I should look into. :( :(

New layout progress: 0% :(

Who could this be?
kuu is obviously a creature born sometime ago. Its exact date of existence amuses itself greatly. But kuu itself deems this unnecessary information for the prying public. Hence will forever be unknown to the unknowing.

This writer likes to point out that kuu has an alter ego over here at CocaCola. kuu's nature is rather mean, but does pretend*ahem*attempt to be nice most of the time. It is made of water, mostly blue, and has orange spots. It is also short and round with a big head. Too bad the head size does not correspond with any kind of smarts.

kuu likes colours and pretty things, and dislikes all manners of messyness. As always, it needs to clean its room and do well in school, but things just don't always work out the way it wants it to be.

kuu is not reachable for comments by any normal means, unless you have special knowledge of its other virtual or real selves.
The wish list!
A decent job!, Qoo grape juice, Koucha Ouji v24, Skip Beat!, $$$, time, sleep, more storage boxes, space, Lion King SE, Beauty and the Beast SE, snacks, Pringles, Body Shop's White Musk Lotion, bookshelves, Bluetooth adaptor, Nokia 7373 (Powder Pink), Ikea wardrobe, 1kilo gold bar (>40K$)
What could this be?
The "family" (haha!) above is from Tada Kaoru-sensei's last manga Itazura na Kiss. An excellent excellent source of information regarding the manga can be found here. As well as the reason why this is the last manga from the mangaka. I tend to treat this manga with respect because of that. And althou it's end is like that, I am glad it is able to end with a world of possibilities.

Tada-sensei's drawing style isn't the prettiest. In fact, it looks to be from such an early era that one may even be turned off by it. However, I simply just adore the story. It is probably the first manga that brought me to tears just by reading the synopsis.

It is very much a typical shoujo story, with a guy who is quite a catch, and a less than average girl pining after him. XD But the best part is it didn't just end at the usual happily ever after. What happened after is much sweeter than the first half. How I wish there is a Naoki for me. :3 Through laughters and tears, you can't help but like/love everyone in the story. Hence the reason why I didn't single out anyone in the picture.

Itazura na Kiss, or ItaKiss, as I tend to call it, ended its run in 1999. It has 23 volumes, both JP and Chinese editions are out. Do give it a read if you can find it. :)
Reaching Out
Shoujo/Shounen: Aihara Miki, Hotta Yumi(HnG), Kazune Kawahara, Masami Tsuda, Matsumoto Tomo, Miyasaka Kaho, Nakajo Hisaya, Nanpei Yamada, Nakamura Yoshiki(SB!), Ooya Kazumi, Ragawa Marimo, Nanaji Nagamu(PT!), Sugisaki Yukiru, Tada Kaoru, Takamiya Kazusa, Takaya Natsuki, Yoko Kamio
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